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The Sketchbook Project and Other Ideas…

I realize I have been a bit bad at posting on a regular basis, but in my defense, I find this is because I am working on so many projects at once that I haven’t completed one yet! I find this is the most rewarding part of NOT creating art for money: the total freedom […]

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8 Things a Crafter Should Never Throw Away

There are some things that just should not go into the garbage. Period. End of story. I live in an area where it actually costs a significant amount to recycle, so I’m trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Green crafting, up-cycling, whatever you want to call it is not only good for the planet, […]

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Adding My Blog to Bloglovin’

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So this is just wayyyyyyyy to awesome not to share; just a quick post: My boyfriends mother gave me a bunch of kiwis the other day- she just picks a bunch up at a local store when they are on sale, and usually ends up with too many- and made sure she put an apple […]

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The Anti-Cramp Smoothie? Maybe…

This post is a bit belated in terms of the condition it is referencing, i.e. the period (dun…dun…dun…), because, as us women folk know, PMS and periods do not lend themselves to productivity (usually). But I shall post my new recipe ,of sorts, regardless, since the dreaded “monthly friend” does come on a relatively regular […]

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