The Sketchbook Project and Other Ideas…

I realize I have been a bit bad at posting on a regular basis, but in my defense, I find this is because I am working on so many projects at once that I haven’t completed one yet! I find this is the most rewarding part of NOT creating art for money: the total freedom to experiment. New techniques, random stuff on Pinterest, and the ability to open my mind to new and larger projects.

My most recent projects have included an extreme Sharpie-dyed t shirt (which, unfortunately, did not heat-set as well as hoped, and therefore is now in need of even more Sharpie work), a paper-mache style bowl from dried weeds and tissue paper, a nail-polish organizer, a jewelry organizer…

The list goes on further than I would like to admit. It does help my ideas flow better, however. When I am stumped or frustrated with one project, I turn to another. By the time that project has me stumped too, I probably will have a new idea for approaching the first project (and so on…).

My favorite project at the moment deserves a special mention, though, if only to help keep me motivated in the future when I am stumped with it too. I am tentatively calling it “The Sketchbook Project.” I will not go into too many details, as I have not figured many of them out, and if I had, they would most likely change dramatically over the course of the completion of my project. The idea behind “The Sketchbook Project” is not to create and keep my own sketchbook, but rather an attempt to help the mentally ill in my community. Often times the importance of a creative outlet is overlooked, even in our everyday lives. Art therapy programs within the healthcare community exist for a reason; they allow patients a safe place to voice their true feelings and frustrations without judgement or embarrassment  It is often easier, at least for me, to understand what is bothering me if I can get my ideas out creatively- whether with words or images. So, seeing as how I spend an inordinate amount of time crafting, and that I love the concept of bringing creativity into the lives of others, I am dreaming of hand-making a series of small sketchbooks (and pairing them with supplies) for donations to local institutions. And I mean dreaming, the idea is truly in its early stages. There will be a host of logistical issues to address, along with time constraints and significant time commitments. But it has my brain turning around new thoughts about the importance of creativity in the lives of others.

I will update more as things progress, but that could be pretty slow knowing me 😉


  1. […] this site is just starting up. It’s starting from an idea I originally called the Sketchbook Project, but I like the name Sketch 4 Health better. My ideas have less to do with helping developing […]


  2. […] back to my brief post about what I called “The Sketchbook Project,” I have gone ahead and started a wiki at: I’m not 100% […]


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