13 Things I Learned From Gardening (so far…)

So I’ve talked at least once about lessons from growing things- here– but as we grow more stuff, we grow too.

The “garden,” or rather, my 10 or so potted plants 🙂 , has mostly died off due to disease, but some plants are making a comeback and I’m getting set up to start a new round of “crops”

Dead snow pea plants

Dead snow pea plants

So here it is, the “Top 13” (13 is my lucky number, and I think the “Top 10” has been beaten to death by overuse…)

1. Perseverance. I don’t think I need to say more, but I will. Shit happens. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up. This is a cliche statement in its essence, but one that is often not taken to heart- especially by yours truly. I keep going out there, trying to save what I can, constantly pruning, shaking off excess water, watering, adding cornmeal to kill fungus with fungus… You get the idea. But for quite a few days I didn’t even want to have anything to do with my plants.

2. Organic is easier said than done. I have a very great appreciation for those who successfully garden without commercial pesticides and fungicides. It’s one thing to add natural fertilizer, but keeping those things alive without help- that’s a whole different story!

3. Rain can be as bad as it is good. FUNGUS FUNGUS FUNGUS!!!! Although I do like seeing the frogs hopping around my patio- they’re quite cute!

4. Just when you think it’s over, it’s not. I swear that damn tomato plant was gone for good, and yet it has regrown a bunch of suckers. But the thing is, these aren’t your nutrient sucking suckers, they actually have a couple of small buds. I don’t think that I should be expecting any actual healthy fruits, but still cool!

5. Sun makes me happy. Well, duh. But in all seriousness, I feel much better in regards to all health conditions when I get out in that beautiful, carcinogenic sunshine! I believe the daily recommended dose is 30min without sunscreen? (i.e. plenty of time for someone as pale as me to get ridiculous looking tan lines and a sun burn…)

6. I love bees. I never had anything against them before, but I didn’t exactly like them either. I just ignored them. Now if I see a bee I practically jump for joy- they are hard to come by these days, and should be appreciated and protected as much as we can.

7. Worms can climb. Really, really well. I have started a worm bin and originally put a few larger holes towards the top, assuming that a simple red wriggler wouldn’t be able to make it up that high. Let’s just say I had to buy some more worms (and I still catch one every now and then trying to get out when I open the top…)

8. Citronella candles are good for mosquitos- AND masking odors. Neighbor has dogs. Does not walk dogs, and does not clean up the “remains” after letting them poo on their patio- immediately next to ours. Enough said.

9. Hydrogen peroxide is awesome. Aerates soil and leaves so they have a fighting chance when there are days on end without dry weather.

10. Always carry your camera. I can’t count the number of times I have seen a cool little critter  and didn’t have time to grab my camera.

11. Rain barrels are your friend. A godsend, morelike. Took an old trashcan, a few plumbing parts for hoses, implored the boyfriend to help accurately cut a hole for the spiggot, and grabbed my favorite glue: PC-7.

12. There is a suggested link from WordPress for “Shit happens” to a wikipedia page… REALLY???!?!?!?!

13. Enjoy the little things. They often turn into bigger things.


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