It’s been a while… [Coping Mechanisms]

It has been quite a while since I have posted on either of my two blogs, and if any of you out there have been following me, I do apologize. But life is…

Well, life is Life. Sh*t happens, and it usually happens a little to fast for us to handle. Or should I say to fast for what we think we can handle? I mean, things are a bit crazy right now, but I’m still here and I’m still typing.

Anyway- I’ve been thinking a bit more about how I personally handle stress, and it has occurred to me that writing is one of my best coping mechanisms. Sometimes there are things that cannot be expressed with words, but other times there are many things that are better expressed with words. While emotions are raw, wordless and universal, most blog posts rely on word choice and implied meaning of the language.

Most of what I have written thus far has no need for visual evidence, unless English is foreign to you and/or you do not use Google translate. So for now I will write.

I am choosing not to go into too much detail at this point; my best explanation for my recent (and probably near future) absences from writing is that I love my family, and when they are not well, neither am I. So I am going to have some days where I will not feel like writing. There will be other days, like today, however, where writing will be a helpful distraction or even a place to vent.

That’s all for today… *yawn*

Oh yeah, I have a puppy now. I should write a post on that little bugger too; she is quite good at destroying crafty endeavors.

Best wishes,



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