Not quite sure how to sum up this blog yet 😉



  1. Thank you for the follow. I don’t think I was following you – but I am now!


    1. LOL- I got an email saying you were- oh well! Happy accident!


  2. Ah, thanks…its amazing how dumb i can be…just didnt even think about that. Great idea!


    1. It took me a good half hour to realize the number of followers had to be under 200- THAT would be considered “dumb”; anyways, enjoy blog-hopping!


  3. Hey. Fellow hoarder who is not a hoarder…..hem… I am having a prob… Just how do i find 11 bloggers wih fewer than 200 followers? I want to award blogs that i like, not just anyone…but i have no idea how to find anyone smaller than i am…except of course those i already follow, whcih i will of course check first. But i suspect that most are already “bigger” than i! Am i allowed to ask for blogs to come to me? Do you think? Any suggestions?


    1. Had the same problem- so I just started browsing WP blog reader and did a google blog search for things I found interesting and relevant (ex- gardening, crafts, art, etc.) each search will bring up countless blogs- it actually ends up being quite fun trying to find those smaller blogs that are truly wonderful!
      Hoarder who is not a hoarder 😀


  4. hi Amy,

    I want to thank you for the Liebster Award Nomination. I would do it on the proper page, but I cannot seem to find my way back there…oddly enough. Where is it? Anyhow, thank you so much. You are a sweetheart to think of me. I am so very pleased and will do my level best to follow the rules, though it may take me a little while if I don’t manage it tonight. Thank you again. Pam W. From Wagblog


    1. You are more than welcome! As for the proper page- the “original” award doesn’t seem to exist anymore, lots of bloggers have looked but it’s “origins” are almost like folklore. I think perhaps you are looking for where I nominated you (sorry it’s early ;-P ) It’s on my other blog, Sketch4Health.wordpress.com (trying to gather some ideas to start a charitable organization that donates art supplies to people with health conditions, foster children, and those in long term care facilities- and probably anyone else too… I am very new at all of this so I’m “idea gathering”) It should be the most recent post.
      Oh- don’t worry about how long it takes! It took me forever to get through everything myself! But I can be a little long-winded
      Best wishes,
      ❤ Amy


  5. Thank you for the follow, all the best!


    1. No problem! best wishes!


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